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World Blood Donor Day

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World Blood Donor Day

The abertis foundation collaborated with the Department of Health (Government of Catalonia) and with the Catalan Blood Donors’ Federation, as host organisations for World Blood Donor Day, which was celebrated in Barcelona on 14 June. Focusing on young donors, and under the slogan “New blood for the world”, the event enjoyed extensive coverage in the international media and had a positive effect on a local level.


The strategy for encouraging the donation of blood through social networks was presented at the castle of Castellet, the headquarters of the abertis foundation, during the symposium on raising awareness among young people, with the participation of students from the Red Cross University School; the Director General of Healthcare Resources of the Department of Health (Government of Catalonia), David Elvira; the Vice-president of the Red Cross in Catalonia, Josep Quitet; the Mayor of Castellet, Miquel Delgado; and the president of the Catalan Blood Donors Federation, Marc Ibars.


During the meeting, a panel discussion was also organised on “Young people today: blood donation and solidarity”, with the participation of Josep Garcia, representing the Catalan Youth Agency (Government of Catalonia); Yolanda Gargallo, of Red Cross Youth; and Vanesa Pleguezuelos, educational promotion technician for the Blood and Tissue Bank of Catalonia. The debate was moderated by the organiser of the event, Òscar Velasco, Head of Communication of the Red Cross in Catalonia.

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