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Impact of climate change on marine reserves: the example of Cap de Creus

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Cap de Creus

The abertis foundation is supporting the University of Girona in conducting the first study to be carried out in the Mediterranean on the impact of climate change on a marine reserve ecosystem. The project will take the marine reserve at Cap de Creus as a case study. The abertis foundation is already an official patron of the Cap de Creus Natural Park, which is unique in Europe owing to the richness of its terrestrial and marine biodiversity and its historical and cultural heritage.


The objectives of the study are twofold: on one hand, to assess the impact of climate change on marine resources; and on the other, to convey the results of the study to society. This presentation and dissemination is aimed at the general public, and most particularly to visiting tourists, divers, skippers of pleasure boats, nautical companies and local/regional administrations. The outreach is supplemented by the preventive measures that sea lovers can implement individually in this crusade against climate change.


The results will help to improve the management and planning of those economic activities that marine resources sustain or give rise to, which include tourism, commercial and recreational fishing, and infrastructures.

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