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In 2010 the emphasis that the abertis foundation has always placed on road safety was officially recognised, paying fitting tribute to all the corporate effort and involvement. The Medal of Merit for Road Safety awarded by the Ministry of the Interior, at the proposal of the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT), is one of the best possible endorsements of our commitment to road safety.


The foundation has continued to work on raising awareness in this field, implementing the “Te queda una vida” (You’ve got one life left) campaign in Madrid, following its resounding success in Catalonia in 2009. This initiative — the first of its kind in Europe — is aimed at promoting good habits among young drivers and, more specifically, eradicating drink-driving. The initiative also seeks to relate responsible driving with education and culture.


The first step in extending our road-safety commitment beyond our borders was the signature of an agreement with Rome City Council. Both parties are carrying out joint initiatives to improve road safety and reduce accidents.


With the year coming to an end, as a result of the foundation’s hard work, the French office of the abertis foundation opened in Paris, launching programmes in France, with the establishment of a chair, by means of an agreement with l’École des Ponts ParisTech-IFSTTAR, for training and research in infrastructure management, as well as the launch of a programme to train young people on motorway driving: ‘Autoroute Académie’ Programme.


The abertis foundation‘s interest in recovering and raising awareness of the country's historical and artistic heritage has given rise to a series of high-profile actions, the latest of which is the inauguration of a guest collection section in the museum area of Castellet castle.


As a sign of the times, the abertis foundation‘s website has been consolidated as an important element in corporate communication, dissemination and interactivity. With an average of over one thousand hits per day in 2010, road safety has ousted the environment as the topic attracting most interest. In 2010, the website also launched the possibility of sharing content via social networks. Having started along the path toward communication 2.0, there is also the digital publication Scientific Miscellany 2008-2009 and of course the present Report 2010.
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