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2010 Report

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The abertis foundation reached an agreement with the Catalunya Oberta Foundation to provide support for the journalism award of the same name, which had reached its 10th edition. On this occasion, on 14 September, the award was won by Ferruccio de Bortoli, the editor of the prestigious Corriere della Sera, the largest selling newspaper in Italy. Salvador Alemany, chairman of abertis and of the Círculo de Economía, presented the guest of honour who spoke on “(Ignored) Lessons from A Financial Crisis”.


The Catalunya Oberta Foundation was established in November 2000 as a private, independent body in with a liberal ideology. Its objectives are to promote, analyse, defend and disseminate the values of an open society, liberty, democracy and the market economy. Having no links with any political organisations, its aim is to have a direct bearing on the states of public opinion in civil society, transferring the power and depth of thought of the greatest liberal minds through its two main ideological themes: Catalanism and liberalism.

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