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Inside Castellet castle Castellet, then and now

Castellet, the castle that houses the headquarters of the abertis foundation, has an undeniably dynamic effect on the area, and is a space for the dissemination of knowledge, endowing all the activities conducted therein with added value, as a place for conveying ideas and experiences.


Its history, dignified and enhanced by a restoration which has subsequently become a model for sustainable heritage management, stretches back 2,500 years. The first Iberian fortress gave way to the Roman occupation and subsequently to the mediaeval period. Close by, in a seemingly emulative tradition, the Iberian Via Heraclea would be transformed into the Roman Via Augusta, while in the 20th century abertis would chose practically the same route for the AP-7 motorway, showing how roads last throughout the centuries.


The castle performs its functions thanks to a rational division which respects the original characteristics and periods. This provides two complementary sectors; namely, the History and Knowledge buildings. The former, which has kept its layout and the neo-mediaeval style of the 1928-30 restoration, is a venue for exhibitions and the institutional events of the foundation’s board of trustees, while the Knowledge building, with a totally new layout, occupies the palace constructed between the 13th and 14th centuries. Its various multifunctional spaces and halls are used for conferences, work sessions, seminars and different events by the foundation. From the east wing of the building, the remains of the Ibero-Roman fortress, now converted into a museum, provide a millenarian backdrop to these activities.


The guided tours (open to the general public), the open days coinciding with Medieval Castellet and the town's local festival, the cession of spaces to non-profit-making bodies for cultural events, and the conferences and symposia organised by prestigious organisations all complement the abertis foundation’s main objective: promoting the creation and dissemination of knowledge — a task for which one would be hard pressed to find a better setting.


The abertis foundation's consideration for the environment is underscored yet again with the renewal of the ISO 14001 certification, in 2011, which endorses the Environmental Management System implemented in the castle. This standard ensures compliance with current legislation, the minimisation of the impact arising from activities carried out, and environmental good practices conducted in the castle. Yet another sign of environmental sensitivity is the abertis foundation’s admission as a member of the Foix Natural Park Consortium.
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