Letter from the president

Miquel Roca i Junyent

Foundations play a fundamental role in the advancement of society. The assistance they provide for research, culture, education and other general activities, providing solutions to a setting's problems, is vital to uphold a social balance and to address the needs for which public resources fall short.

In the light of our current social and economic context, dominated by the world crisis, this role is more important than ever. This is both due to the foundations' ability to supplement the funds of public administrations and also because they nurture public opinion and form one of the exponents of the country's reality.

This is precisely how the abertis foundation has understood the current state of play. Indeed, it upheld its activities throughout 2008 and even promoted them internationally with the launch of new offices in Rome, boosting the steadfast, professional nature of the foundation and bringing it closer to society.

In 2008, the abertis foundation set up a scientific committee formed by prominent figures from the world of university and scientific research in order to assess the research projects. These prominent figures include the naturist Martí Boada and demographer Anna Cabré, as well as the economist Andreu Mas-Colell, road safety expert Luis Montoro, politician and lawyer Gregorio Peces-Barba, and biologist and administration expert Pere Torres, and they all assess the lines of research backed by the foundation.

In the field of road safety, the abertis foundation redefined its goals, working in conjunction with the public administration in order to focus its initiatives on young people between the ages of 18 and 25, which is the most vulnerable group as far as RTAs are concerned. Accordingly, the foundation once again seeks to address a significant social shortcoming. Furthermore, the foundation has underlined its commitment to dissemination through a series of conferences under the theme 'Responsible mobility. Values in motion' given in Valencia and Madrid.

In terms of community relations, the foundation continued to support exemplary cultural and artistic institutions, whilst cooperating with other institutions promoting socio-economic development.

With these advancements, the abertis foundation is laying the foundations for reaching a milestone in its history: marking its tenth anniversary in 2009. It unquestionably constitutes a vital year when it comes to bridging the gap in relations between business and society; accordingly, the abertis foundation will continue to undertake its commitments through the initiatives it implements.

Firma de Miquel Roca i Junyent

Miquel Roca i Junyent