The abertis foundation has converted its website into a site that is accessible to disabled people. This objective is framed within the priority of the abertis corporation-and in particular of its foundation- to guarantee the well being of people. By meeting these objectives, it also offers a response to the indications suggested in various forums and programmes on corporate social responsibility in which the corporation participates.

Icono de conformidad con el Nivel Doble-A, 
	de las Directrices de Accessibility para el 
	Contenido Web 1.0 del W3C-WAI

The abertis foundation website has reached a double A (AA) level of accessibility, as indicated by the internationally recognised guidelines defined by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), which guarantees full navigation for people with visual, auditory, physical, cognitive, neurological and technological disabilities.

Technical characteristics

The website complies with a series of technical requisites which enable people with disabilities to access the content of its pages without difficulties. Its characteristics include:

1.- The graphic elements are complemented with textual alternatives so that users who are unable to access the visual contents of the pages will not have problems interacting with the website.

2.- It is possible to change the size of the contents from the browser options for users who wish to increase or decrease the texts.

3.- Alternative keyboard accesses are offered for people who cannot use a mouse.

4.- The pages have a clear structure both for users who can see all the content, as well as users who read the information with a screen reader, users who deactivate the style sheet, etc. For this objective, by means of the HTML code, the titles of the section are defined , as well as the lists and all the elements that help with the general understanding of the website.

5.- The HTML and CSS codes used are adjusted to formal grammars to guarantee the correct viewing of the contents in different browsers.

There is a great amount of PDF files in this website. In order to be able to visualize this file type you will need Adobe Reader. You can download it for free by clicking this button.

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