Road Safety Programme

Picture of the Road Safety Scheme in Schools

Road Safety Education in Schools

A total of 101,269 pupils benefited from the abertis foundation's Road Safety Programme in Schools run over three school years on a semi-online basis. Under the slogan Conduce a tu familia [Steer Your Family], the scheme was aimed at pupils aged from 8 to 12 in primary schools in the regions of Catalonia, Madrid, Valencia, Andalusia and Castilla León during the school years 2005-2006, 2006-2007 and 2007-2008.

The Road Safety Programme in Schools sets out to raise awareness among young people, today’s pedestrians and tomorrow’s drivers, concerning road safety, as well as fostering responsible values and behaviour in this aspect of public life. To do this, a specialist trainer gives a class in the schools, which can then be exploited using teaching material developed by the abertis foundation. As the slogan indicates, the goal of the scheme is for parents and children to interact and share knowledge and attitudes to improve their safety.

The Programme can currently be followed on-line through a specific micro-site where parents, teachers and pupils at primary schools all over Spain can find activities to work together on aspects of road safety.

This scheme, which won an AEDME award in 2007 in the Education category, reached 1,200 schools, 101,269 pupils and 3,600 teachers between 2006 and 2008.

Regions Schools Pupils Schools Pupils Schools Pupils
Total 297 30,805 331 35,385 357 35,079
Andalucía - - 55 6,847 46 5,120
Castilla León - - 11 1,117 10 1,186
Catalonia 119 10,475 97 9,140 121 10,042
Madrid 86 10,312 76 9,257 80 8,059
Valencia 92 10,018 92 9,024 100 10,672

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