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26 Mai de 2010, Madrid

The congress committee on road safety will today analyse the new features of the traffic act

One day after the new Road Safety Act came into force, the abertis foundation has brought together those responsible for the reform of the Act in order to present its most significant new features and analyse the implications for drivers, accident victims' associations and the Directorate General for Traffic.

Casa America in Madrid (Simon Bolivar Room, 17:45h) will this afternoon play host to the spokespeople for the main political parties of the Congress of Deputies' Committee on Road Safety and Accident Prevention, who will offer their respective views on the new text. Juan Carlos Corcuera will be speaking on behalf of the Socialist party, whilst the Popular party will be represented by Federico Souvirón. Also in attendance will be Jordi Jané, spokesman for the Catalan party (CiU) and Emilio Olabarría, Chairman of the Committee and Spokesman for the Basque parliamentary party (EAJ-PNV).

In addition to the political representatives, the conference will also be addressed by Pedro Luís Calvo, the Councillor responsible for the Safety and Mobility Area of the Madrid City Council; Ramón Ledesma, Deputy Director General for Legislation of the Directorate General for Traffic and Josep Pérez-Moya, Director of the Servei Català de Trànsit. José Antonio López Casas, Assistant General Director of abertis autopistas, and Sergi Loughney, Director of the abertis Foundation, will also participate in the conference.

The conference in Madrid will carry on where the last meeting, held in Barcelona a month ago, left off. On that occasion, the participants stressed the increased flexibility and simplification that the new Act affords the penalty procedure, as well as the fact that it is "more educational" in nature. They offered a reminder that the funds raised from traffic fines will be allocated to road safety, accident prevention and victims' associations.

Today's event, however, will take place with the issue open to public debate, as the new regulation has now come into force. The participants will be able to give their views on various aspects of the text, such as the new fast procedure for the payment of fines, the penalty for the use of radar inhibitors, the increase in the amounts of some fines or the increased limitation period for penalties, among others.

The Abertis Foundation
The holding of the "New Road Safety Act" conference forms part of the Road Safety Programme of the abertis Foundation, which is divided into four main areas of activity: road education in schools, awareness-raising and dissemination activities, research work and technical conferences.

Aside from its work in the road safety field, the Foundation is also devoted to promoting research into the impact of large infrastructures in the area, particularly on demography, the economy and the environment. The organisation is one of the responses to the Corporate Social Responsibility commitment made by abertis, one of the leading international transport and communications infrastructure management groups.

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