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10/09/2006, Barcelona

abertis and the IESE create a new chair in Regulatory Issues, Competition and Public Policy

The initiative forms part of the efforts by abertis and the IESE to achieve greater interaction between the business and university worlds

Abertis Infraestructuras S.A. and the IESE have signed a collaboration agreement for the development of the new abertis Chair in Regulatory Issues, Competition and Public Policy. This Chair, to be held by IESE professor Xavier Vives, has as its mission to carry out research, generate ideas and disseminate know-how in the field of regulatory matters, competition and public policy.

Research in this area is carried out in the aim of disseminating new discoveries and provide proper training for business persons and management. Both abertis and the IESE have been making significant efforts to achieve greater interaction between the business world and the work of universities, in the firm belief that the exchange of experiences and the harmonisation of their respective points of view are an effective way of helping society progress. Amongst the activities to be carried on by the abertis Chair in Regulatory Issues, Competition and Public Policy will be the publication of case studies, research documents and articles. Additionally, seminars and conferences furthering its mission will be organised.

The holder of the Chair, Professor Vives, received his doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley, and recently held the Chair in European Studies and was Professor of Economics and Finance at Insead. He has also worked as a consultant for the World Bank and the European Commission.

Two points of international reference

Currently, the IESE has twelve research centres and ten chairs which, linked to a professor of great international prestige, provide both academic recognition and a tool in support of research in a specific field of the business world.

The IESE is the University of Navarra’s only school of business management that offers training for managers in four continents, via a range of programmes that are currently under way and other that will commence shortly in Europe (Spain, Germany and Poland), Asia (China, together with Shanghai’s CEIBS, and India), America (Brazil and New York) and Africa (Egypt and Kenya). This has led to it receiving world-wide recognition from publications such as The Economist, which ranked the IESE as the world’s top school for executive programmes.

abertis is Spain’s leading private transport and telecommunications infrastructure management corporation. abertis is made up of more than 60 subsidiary and associate companies, which carry on business in the fields of motorways, telecommunications infrastructures, airports and logistics platform development. It is one of Europe’s leading motorway operators in terms of kilometres managed, the first in terms of stock market capitalisation and Europe’s top global infrastructure management business organisation in terms of net worth.

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