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03/25/2010, Barcelona

Castellet castle hosts a meeting of international experts from the World Health Organisation on traumatic brain injury

Castellet Castle, located between Castellet and La Gornal, headquarters of the abertis foundation, will host the second session of the meeting of international experts from the World Health Organisation (WHO) organised by the Guttmann Institute to debate the main behavioural problems created by traumatic brain injury (TBI) - often caused by traffic accidents - and lay the foundations for treatment.

This conference is taking place within the framework of the ICF Core Sets for TBI meeting, which brings together WHO experts in Barcelona on 26, 27 and 28 March. This meeting will examine the conclusions of a two-year study carried out by over a hundred internationally acclaimed experts to define the relevant effects of TBI injuries and how to tackle them.

The abertis group and the Guttmann Institute signed a collaboration agreement in 2009. In this agreement, both organisations pledged to carry out joint projects and actions in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as complying with their mission as foundations.

The Guttmann Institute is a highly specialised hospital that offers medical treatment and rehabilitation to people with spinal-cord injuries and/or related brain damage. Its extensive experience over the last 42 years makes it a benchmark centre in its area at national and international level. The Institute offers comprehensive and personalised specialist attention at outstanding human, scientific and technical levels through clinical programmes designed by experts in neurorehabilitation.

Set up in 1999, the abertis foundation is one of the tools used by abertis to promote Corporate Social Responsibility. It examines the repercussions of the country's major infrastructure, particularly in terms of the effects on the economy, demographics and the environment, and it carries out a wide-ranging Road Safety Programme.

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