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11/24/2006, Madrid

The abertis foundation backs a workshop on cultural heritage and its development indicators

—Indicators are useful in evaluation compliance with the objectives of heritage promotion policies and to improve their management

There is a need to create new development indicators to measure cultural development, compatible with those of other activities the object of public policy. In this way, heritage managers can compete for public funding under the same conditions as other sectors. Establishment of these indicators will also permit evaluati9on of the level of compliance with objectives set by heritage promotion policies.

These are some of the conclusions of the VI Sustainable Heritage Management Workshop, supported by the abertis foundation and held today a the Fundación Lázaro Galdiano, Madrid, under the title Cultural heritage in the construction of development indicators.

Experts have stressed the need for indicators to be compatible to be able in this way to establish comparatives with other realities at both national and international level. Similarly, speakers explained that, to improve management of museums, monuments, emblematic sites or routes, measurements should not only be quantitative –visitor numbers, income contributed, jobs created, etc.– but also qualitative –time spent by visitor, wait times, user satisfaction, etc.

The Sustainable Heritage Management Workshop enjoyed the presence of the Director-General of Fine Arts and Cultural Assets of the Ministry of Culture, Julián Martínez, abertis foundation manager Sagrario Huelin and Dr. Jordi Tresserras, lecturer at the University of Barcelona and scientific director of the workshop.

Dr. Gerorges Zouain, ex-Director of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, gave the talk Cultural Heritage in the construction of development indicators and y el Dr. Víctor Fernández, lecturer at the University of Seville, gave one entitled Heritage management and local development indicators. The round table session Indicators for efficient, sustainable heritage management benefited from the participation of Sra. Victoria Chamorro, Secretary of Granada’s Alhambra Trust, Sra. Araceli Morales, Coordinator of the World Heritage Site Cities’ Network and Dr. Juan Carlos Matamala, lecturer at the University of Barcelona.

The abertis foundation has supported for the sixth consecutive year this workshop as one of its activities promoting and disseminating cultural values, particularly regarding historical heritage. The abertis foundation promotes on the impact of large-scale infrastructure on the territory, especially on the environment, the economy and demographics. For more information on its activities, you can visit its web site at www.fundacionabertis.org.

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