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» The venue: Castellet Castle

Rehabilitation process

The castle was restored for the first time in the early 20th century. This work concentrated on the southern and western parts of the fortress. However, when abertis – then known as acesa – acquired it in May 1999, it was once again in ruins.

Archaeological excavations were carried out in the eastern sector in August 1999 to classify all the stone lying among the rubble for subsequent re-use. A master plan was also drawn up for its restoration and an executive design plan produced. Once they had been approved by the Generalitat (autonomous government) of Catalonia, these documents guided the work, which began in March 2000 and ended in October 2001.

The Corporation decided to put the castle to a new use and, since its restoration, the building has hosted scientific conferences, working sessions, corporate meetings, community activities and guided tours. In this way, the future of the castle is assured.

The castle today consists of two parts: the Knowledge Building, fitted out for working meetings, and the History Building, which includes the offices, the boardroom and a small museum.

Pictures of the castle in ruins in the early 20th century and in very poor condition in the 1960's
Early 20th century
The castle in the 1960's
The castle in the 1960's
Pictures of the castle in very poor condition just before restoration and just after restoration
Just before restoration
Just after restoration
Just after restoration