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Highway and environment
Highway and environment

The Abertis Foundation is the manifestation of the commitment of the Abertis Group companies to corporate social responsibility and, in particular, their commitment to the environment and the sustainable improvement and social development of the regions and countries in which the Abertis Group operates.

As one of the responses to the commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility by abertis, the foundation also runs a broad Road Safety Programme, the aim of which is to raise public awareness of the need for responsible mobility.

The foundation has also inherited the sensitivity to historic and artistic heritage of the companies which now make up the abertis group. This is demonstrated in its work to preserve and promote heritage with the aim of bringing public to the widest possible audience.

The foundation also channels the actions of the companies in the abertis group in the area of corporate responsibility, and over time has become a factor of cohesion between the different business units.

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