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Road Safety Programme

The Road Safety Programme backed by the abertis foundation is the best proof of the leading role played by our organisation in improving safety for drivers and pedestrians, and in risk prevention and cutting accident rates.
The goal of the Road Safety Programme is to inform and raise awareness among the population about the need for safe, responsible mobility. This programme aims to reach the whole community on the basis of key target groups, such as young drivers or school children. The programme is divided into four main lines of action: road safety education, publicity and awareness raising, research studies and specialist symposia.

The aim of the Road Safety Project in Schools (new window) was to raise awareness among school children aged between 8 and 12 of the importance of risk prevention and foster responsible habits on their part. This work also served to reinforce knowledge among teachers and parents.

In the area of publicity and awareness raising, 2009 saw the "You’ve got one life left" (new window) scheme to make young people aged between 18 and 30 aware of the risks at the wheel and to recognise the conduct of responsible young drivers.

In the other sections you can find further information about the research, symposia and publications backed by the abertis foundation in the road safety field.



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