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Vertebrate fauna of the Foix nature park

The book “Fauna vertebrada del Parc del Foix” (“Vertebrate fauna of the Foix nature park”) catalogues 322 vertebrates, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. 243 of these species are birds, and it is this ornithological richness which was the main reason for creating the protected area known as the Parc del Foix.

This publication is the result of the research work completed in 2009 and financed by the abertis foundation. To do the work, the researchers Humbert Salvadó (the co-ordinator), Xavier Bayes and Cisco Guasch visited the area over 1.400 times from 1976 – from 1997 in particular – and 2009, as well as consulting existing documentary sources. Unfortunately, some of the species which lived in and around the Foix reservoir during the 20th century are now extinct or approaching extinction. This book is published only in Catalan.

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