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Symposium on the ‘new’ Road Safety Act

In connection with the new Traffic Act, to come into force fully on 24th May, the abertis foundation held a day of debate on Friday at Barcelona’s Palau Robert. Entitled ‘The New Road Safety Act’, the symposium brought together three of the members of the Road Safety and Accident Prevention Committee of the Spanish parliament, who played a part in reforming the text: Eloísa Álvarez (PSOE), Federico Souvirón (PP) and Jordi Jané (CiU).

The symposium also featured the director of the Catalan Traffic Service, Josep Pérez Moya, the councillor responsible for mobility on Barcelona city council, Francesc Narváez, and the director general of abertis autopistas, José María Morera. In the words of Miquel Roca, chairman of the abertis foundation, in his opening speech, “Road safety is one more aspect of a wider goal, that of public-spiritedness as a value.”
Roca, Jané and Narváez

Jané, Álvarez and Souvirón

Pérez Moya and Jané

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