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The impact of climate change on marine reserves: the example of Cap de Creus

This is the first study conducted in the Mediterranean region of the impact of climate change on the ecosystem of a marine reserve. The results obtained will aid in the better management of marine ecosystems, ensuring proper planning of the economic activities sustained by marine resources, whether tourism, fishing or infrastructure. The work goes on with dissemination of the results among tourists, the authorities, companies and the public in general to raise their awareness of the importance of taking individual measures to help avoid the impact of climate change on coastal marine ecosystems.rnrnThe research took as a case study the marine reserve of Cap de Creus (Cap de Creus Nature Park, of which the abertis foundation is a patron), the largest and most-visited of the marine reserves in existence in Catalonia. While the project was approached at a local level, it sets out to explore a global issue which has implications and repercussions on a large scale.rn

Cap de Creus

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