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Efficient driving among the Spanish population: knowledge and behaviour

Driving is a vitally important social phenomenon, one in which safety is a key feature which is vital to avoid accidents. However, traffic continues to evolve in our society, bringing with it new concepts and ideas. Today´s road users, as well as safe behaviour in terms of how they drive, must also have a responsible attitude as regards their driving type or style, as surroundings and the environment play and increasing part in the concept of responsible, efficient driving. Furthermore, Spain undertook in the Kyoto agreement (08-12) to cut emissions by 15%, with almost 40% of this total being accounted for by motor vehicles. Every one of the drivers in this country therefore bears a heavy responsibility. This study sets out to find out the level of knowledge among the Spanish population and what its behaviours are in relation to this type of driving, and whether traffic can help the country to meet the Kyoto targets.

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