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Sponsorships from 2004


Role in the 7th National Environment Conference (CONAMA), under the slogan of being a Sustainable development summit. As the sponsor, the abertis foundation led a project of its own which included organising a “dynamic hall” and taking part in technical sessions, discussions and workgroups. If you would like further information about this event, held in November 2004, please consult the project for the VII Congreso Nacional de Medio Ambiente (CONAMA).

 7th National Environmental Congress (CONAMA)

Asociación Española de la Carretera (spanish Road Association)

Co-operation agreement with the Servei CatalÓ de TrÓnsit (Catalan Traffic Service), the Autonomous Government of Catalonia's Department of Territorial Policy and Public Works, the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the spanish Road Association to carry out training activities in the field of road safety.

Sponsorships Continuing from 2003

Francisco Godia Foundation

Co-operation consisting of sponsorship of the friends of the Prado Foundation course on Titian and Venetian painting at the Prado, and publicising the exhibitions of the Francisco Godia foundation's holdings, in particular the exhibitions on A view of the 20th century in Lleida and The splendour of spanish pottery in Alicante. Support was also given to the exhibitions in Barcelona on Artistic glass and Tibetan lamas. If you wish, you can get further information about the exhibition on the splendour of spanish pottery.

Alt PenedŔs Area Council

Agreement to co-operate in a project to clean up the forests and prevent forest fires in the area.

Fundació Catalana de Seguretat ViÓria

Co-operation aimed at setting up a framework for exchanging experiences, advice, information and financing activities, with the aim of stimulating joint projects and initiatives. Presentation of the report on the activities of the P (A) T.

MACBA Foundation

Co-operation agreement with the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (the Barcelona Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, or MACBA) to help to provide this institution with a broad collection of contemporary art.

Castellet i la Gornal Municipal Council

Co-operation in various festivities organised by the local authority, as well as providing grants for the transport of students from the municipality.

Fundació Castells Culturals de Catalunya (Cultural Castles of Catalonia Foundation)

Publication of leaflets and posters for the Cycle of Music in the Castles.

Headquarter of National Centre of Cardiovascular Research

Headquarter of the National Art Museum of Catalonia

Concert in Castellet Castle
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