CSR Comittee

This Administration Advisory Committee was formally established in 2014, and is focused specifically on aspects related to management of corporate social responsibility (CSR), centralising it within the highest governing body. The designated duties include performing the monitoring of the degree of compliance of the goals and programmes in the field, reviewing the contents of the CSR Annual Report and recommending the strategy regarding the contributions of the Abertis Foundation and involving them in the compliance of the CSR programmes adopted by the organisation.

  • Salvador Alemany Mas.. President (Other external - Appointed 21/07/1998)
  • María Teresa Costa Campí.. Member (Independent - Appointed 20/03/2013)
  • Susana Gallardo Torrededía.. Member (Director - Appointed 13/03/2014)
  • Manuel Torreblanca Ramírez. representing Pablis 21S.L. Member (Director - Appointed 24/04/12)
  • Josep Maria Coronas Guinart.. Non Board Member Secretary