CSR Presentation

CSR Presentation

For Abertis, Corporate Social Responsibility is a way of seeing the company’s role in society, taking into account the environmental, social and economic impacts of its activities and relations with different interest groups. Moreover, taking on board this triple balance enables the Group to adopt a system of constant improvement as the basis of its business strategy.

The Abertis Strategic Social Responsibility Plan represents the road map for implementation of CSR in the Group and is structured on eight broad lines of action:

  • Minimising environmental impact.
  • Guaranteeing openness to the investment community.
  • Assuring the motivation and involvement of human resources in constant improvement in the company.
  • Maintaining a close relationship with customers and guaranteeing their satisfaction.
  • Extending the CSR commitment to suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Becoming involved in the community and in the social fabric.
  • Establishing systematic channels for dialogue.
  • Guaranteeing follow-up and monitoring of the implementation of the Strategic CSR Plan.

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