Objectives and Annual Accounts

Objectives and Annual Accounts

With the purpose of minimising the impact of the Abertis Group’s activities on the different regions in which it operates, the Abertis Foundation is involved in three main areas.



The Abertis Foundation channels the Abertis Group’s commitment to society through the partnership agreements with the main entities, both national and international. It pays special attention to those whose work involves promoting social action initiatives on education and health care issues.

The continuous link with the public authorities in the countries where the Abertis Group is present also allows us to collaborate in the face of specific social needs.



In line with its commitment to society, the Abertis Foundation has implemented a far-reaching Road Safety Programme aimed principally at the most vulnerable people (children, teenagers and elderly people).



Castellet Castle, the headquarters of the Abertis Foundation, is a UNESCO Centre for Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves, tasked with undertaking an in-depth study of the Mediterranean region. It was chosen for this role thanks to its unique surroundings in an area of rich biodiversity and its ISO 14001 certification, which ensures correct environmental management with minimum impact on the region.

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